Environmental Technology For Jeans Pants' production

From: China Clothing Net
publisher: Chris Yang
Time: 2016-12-26

According to WWD reports, headquartered in United States RevoLaze laser technology company in Ohio, with Austria a chemical research company Acticell GmbH to cooperate, old jeans will be a new type of environmentally friendly technology used in commercial production. The two companies alleged to have submitted a number of patent applications.

In the denim industry, the use of potassium permanganate spray is considered a health risk process. Darryl CostinJr, President of RevoLaze., said the Cowboys one of the biggest environmental problems in dyeing and finishing process. The past few years, whether it is a denim brand or manufacturer wants to find a solution.

Original idea from Acticell company, after the cooperation and RevoLaze, which together developed a nontoxic chemical and laser processing technology, also in the form of spray, and have passed the test, reportedly can replace potassium permanganate used spray-on denim apparel production process, both the effect is the same.

Left is the traditional process, the right technology.

Meanwhile, the two companies said new technologies cost more competitive than the traditional spraying of potassium permanganate. DarrylCostinJr, President of RevoLaze., said that technological breakthroughs will fundamentally change the rules of the game of denim apparel industry, it could benefit the whole supply chain. "We are pleased to offer a 100% safe Green solution. "He said.

"This new chemicals have been shown to be a major step forward, and as far as we know, this is the only real 100% friendly. We look forward to it in the context of global promotion, promoting the sustainable development of denim clothing industry as a whole. "Acticell Christian Schimper, Chief Executive, said.

Mexico denim manufacturer Single Source Apparelshizui is the first attempt to apply the laser etching and dyeing and finishing technology of the company, it has started a test run of this new technology for its large customer orders for production.

"Almost the entire industry are looking for alternatives, in the process of dyeing and finishing of denim does not use potassium permanganate or sodium permanganate. "Single Source President Gary Coleman says," our company is cooperating with the Revo Laze and Acticell, avoiding the use of hazardous chemicals at the same time, Jean craft with the same or similar effect can be achieved. ”

"We believe that it will greatly improve working conditions for garment workers, and the environment. "He added.



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