Popular Clothes Mix in Winter: Loose Knit Sweater + Dress

From: Beauty Women Network
publisher: Chris Yang
Time: 2017-01-02
How often do you do not know what to wear under the jacket? If there is keen interest recent street dynamic, you must find that everyone now loves to dress with a loose knit sweater matching! This combination not only warm and covered leg slimming, warm when worn alone, cold, add a coat, it's so easy!

1. Street Photography model one:Turtleneck Sweater+ White dress+High Heels+Sliver Bag in hand

2.Street Photography model Two:Black turtleneck Sweater+Long Skirt+High Heels

3.Street Photography Model Three:Grey Sweater+Sequim Pencil Skirt+High heels+Black Bag in Hand

4.Street Photography Model Four:Brown knit sweater+Candy colors skirt+High heels+Messenger Bag

5.Street Photography Model Five:Blue Sweater+Green pleated Skirt+Shoulder Bag+High heels sandal+Belt

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